Black Background

Founded in Cleveland in 2015, XIV Productions has been building a reputation of consistency. Taking an artistic approach, we have been pushing the boundaries of production/business for the past 6 years.  Using more than just our ears, we listen from all perspectives, that is the only way to truly weave together a creation that others can connect with.

Currently we are working at expanding our reach further than ever before! Our founder/CEO (who is also the head producer), Mason Jalloway, uses his extensive musical background, to take whatever project he is working on to the next level. Alongside Mason we have Zechariah, also an incredible producer/mixing engineer with the skillset to back up his accolades.


 XIV is continuing to grow upwards. With the signing of its first Artist, Nick Anthony, into a production deal last year, as well as the extensive credits with some of the top artists and TV/Film companies, things are continuing to shine. When working with XIV Productions, the possibilities of creation are limitless, not to mention you are also supporting Black Owned Businesses! Thank you for taking the time to check us out, we hope to hear from you!



Our services include, but are not limited to:


-Music Production

-TV/Film Production (scoring, sound development/engineering, script writing)




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Mason Jalloway


Most people strive to achieve a level of communication to where they can be understood by anyone. Clevelands very own, Mason Jalloway, has managed to achieve that through music. Having his passion for music sewn into his soul from a very young age, he has consistently delivered expressions of emotion in their purest form. Starting out as a DJ, learning how to blend music, and create his own, he quickly rose to the top, becoming one of the biggest DJ’s out of the midwest, an outstanding producer, Vocal coach, Engineer, the list goes on.



As the CEO/Founder of XIV Productions, recently opening its second location in LA, there is nothing Mason Jalloway cannot achieve.  As of late he has been dedicating his time to help struggling artists grow and become fully confident in their abilities and their self worth. Currently he is sitting on a beautiful, and ever expanding catalogue of music, artists, and collaborations.